Policy on photography/filming at Trail Gymnastics Club


In order to respect the safety, privacy and wishes of Trail Gymnastics Club members and coaches, we ask that the following procedures be followed in regards to the taking of photos/videos at the gymnastics club:


  • Filming or flash photography of classes is not permitted. Flashes are a safety concern.


  • Photographing your child at gymnastics classes is regarded as a privilege and not a right.


  • Parents should try as far as is reasonably possible to restrict photography to their own child only.


  • Non-parents, i.e. childminders, relatives etc. must obtain permission from the parent of the child prior to photography.


  • Permission should be obtained from any Trail Gymnastics Staff members prior to photographing them.


  • Parents may not enter the training area for the purpose of filming or photography, unless expressly invited to do so by the coach.


  • You may not publish any images taken at Trail Gymnastics Club in any way and more particularly on the internet for any purpose unless they contain only your child.


  • You must not use the photographs for any reason that could be derogatory to the gymnasts, coaches, and other gymnast’s abilities or to discredit the Club.


  • Parents of Gymnasts should accept that their child may be videoed or photographed by their coach for the purposes of training only. The video or photographs obtained are used strictly in accordance with our child protection policy and no publishing or showing of these videos is allowed except with the written express permission of the parent/guardian. These videos may be provided to parents when applicable for practice of routines outside of class.



Parents who agree upon registration that their child’s photograph may be used on the club notice board or website/ social media are agreeing to this for the duration of their membership unless they inform us otherwise in writing.


Any breach of the above conditions can result in the person committing the breach being asked to leave, and their film/images confiscated or deleted.


Serious breaches may result in the person committing the breach being barred from attending training sessions, or from the club facility entirely,  and could result in legal action being taken.